Racesource FAQ

How can we help?

  • We’re a friendly, family run enterprise.
  • We’re all crazy about all disciplines of the sport of running, so no question is too daft – just ask.
  • Racesource is a digital service provided for the benefit of the running community.
  • Hopefully some of the questions below will help you.
  • We’ve also raised money for community causes for over 8 years as volunteer organisers of the Summer Wine Trails and South Huddersfield Trail and Road Series.
  • Are you a local race organiser? We’re looking for local organisers to partner with so we can offer them the advantages of a low cost payment system that will work well for those needing a friendly and personal service. More

General FAQs

  • Your transaction is with the Event Organiser, Race Source website acts as a payment provider for the Event Organiser.
  • Sorry but refunds are not accepted.
  • Clothing may not be exchanged as this is custom printed to order.
  • Deferrals are subject to organisers own terms and conditions.
  • See organiser website, normally www.summerwinetrails.co.uk for full terms and conditions.
  • Any events listing information listed on this site is not guaranteed to be accurate. Please see organiser websites to confirm details are accurate.
  • Anyone may list basic event details.
  • Event Organisers can add event images and full events details.
  • Racesource does not guarantee to event organisers that this service will always be available for users.

Virtual Running FAQs

  1. Log in to this website. Clicking the log in with facebook is by far the easiest way.
  2. Navigate to the Submit Results page and submit the form. Be sure to include a hyperlink to Strava or Garmin connect. If you don’t have that, you can provide a photo as evidence.
  3. You will receive an email confirming your submission, and another when your result has been approved by one of our admins.

Your route should be at least 90% off road to count in our Trail leaderboard.

No! You can run further than the specified distance if you like. If you are a bit short, you can still submit but won’t be eligible for leaderboard prizes. You can still get a spot prize.

Anyone can win spot prizes but we do ask that you are an active member of our facebook group, posting at least one photo during the period of the challenge.

  • Interlocking sets of bespoke enamelled medals.
  • Family run local enterprise.
  • Proper running challenges, created in Yorkshire.
  • Each challenge pushes you a bit further with each stage
  • Spot prizes and winner prizes.
  • Profits from our Virtual challenges go to local causes eg schools and community venues (usually we use these as HQs for our real life events.)