Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We undertake to hold your data as securely as reasonably possible, and use it only for the purposes of giving you information about the Racesource events. This includes race information, forthcoming events including training runs, and information about out sponsors without whom we could not hold our events.

Your entry data and newsletter information is held securely online with Entry Central (entry system), Webscorer (results system) and Mailchimp (newsletter and race day information.) We sometimes download this in order to process results or process information and transfer details from Entry Central to Webscorer. This will only be accessed and processed by the official race organisers. We will delete any data we hold offline as soon as results for the final event of each year are finalised. Data will be held securely when it is held offline.

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time and your details will be permanently deleted. Alternative ways to get race day information will be via facebook or the series website.

If you withdraw from an event, or wish us to delete your entry data at any time this can be permanently deleted and your entry for the event removed. We are unable to offer refunds for our events as costs are incurred as soon as you book your place. Please ask us about transfers to other races instead.

We use mailchimp to store information about which products you have purchased so that we know who has entered which events.

When you log in with Facebook, you will be providing us with Facebook profile information in order to verify your identify. We receive your name and email address from facebook but we do not share this information with anyone else. We do not have access to your facebook wall or your full facebook profile.