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Hill Climb Challenge
Hill Climb Challenge
Three challenges. Run a minimum of 10k for each challenge. Each level has increased minimum climb...
Mini Bonus medals
This comes in bronze, silver or gold and is designed to be awarded when the challenge is complete. Choose one, or add all three. Enhance and customise your Run Two Three medal collection. Add to each of your single medals, or to the set of three.
Run Two Three – 10k Winter Championship
Run... 10k Two ... Second Medal ... 10k but faster than the first time Three  ... Third medal ... 10k but faster again!   Take your running to a new level our 10k championship. Use this to get running again in the new year or push yourself towards a new pb. To earn your triple set of interlocking medals, each...
Run Two Three – 5k Winter Championship
Run... 5k Two ... Second Medal ... 5k but faster than the first time Three  ... Third medal ... 5k but faster again!   Start 2021 with a bang. Run three 5k events, each faster than the last. This challenge is perfect for new or experienced runners. Push yourself to a new limit or just use this to get used...
Run Two Three – Long Distance Winter Championship
Run... 21.1k or 13.1 miles - a half marathon Two ... Second Medal ... 20 miles Three  ... Third medal ... 42.195k or 26 miles - a marathon   Find your motivation. Move up from half to the full marathon distance with the significant your 20 mile milestone medal. Feeling like something longer? Customise your challenge by starting at any...
Run Two Three – Mix and Match
Run... any distance you choose Two ... Second Medal ... the same distance faster or a new distance further Three  ... Third medal ... the same distance faster or a new distance further This product is a single medal, rather than a set of three. Choose any medal colour and any running distance. This option gives you complete flexibility to...
Run Two Three – Short Distance Winter Championship
 Run... 5k Two ... Second Medal ... 10k Three  ... Third medal ... 21.k or 13.1 miles - a half marathon   Move your running to the next level with our short distance championship. To earn your three medals you must complete a 5k, 10k and half marathon distance on either road or trail. Don't forget your bonus mini medal...