The Stairway To Heaven and Holme Valley Trail Half Marathon Trail Races

Race Date: Sat 28th Sep 2024

Ever run up a Stairway?…

Stairway To Heaven is a challenging, hilly course towards Ramsden reservoir and the forested paths around Hade Edge. There are actually no steps on the course but after the challenging climbs it might feel like it… Climb from the reservoirs of Holmbridge up Ramsden Rd to the Cartworth and Elysium area, then it’s down to Holme Styes Reservoir before climbing back up and then heading home.

Not enough of a challenge? Try the Holme Valley Trail Half Marathon version of the same race.

Food, drink, chat and prizes are in the hall afterwards. Please stay for our series prize giving.

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Stairway entry on the day price: £18 or £16 for EA Members

Half Marathon entry on the day price: £23 or £21 for EA Members

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Stairway 13km, Half Marathon

Event Details

Start time for The Stairway to Heaven: 11.00

Start time for Holme Valley Trail Half Marathon: 10.00

Full Course Description

The important thing to notice is the loop. It’s a road then uphill trail start. You will then run one loop for the Stairway to Heaven, and two loops for the Half Marathon before running back to the start the way you came. This loop is new for 2018 (adapted and improved from the old Stairway to Heaven course.)

To follow the loop: At the top of the steep part of Ramsden Road, turn sharp left downhill through a gate. Drop down a rough grassy path for about 200m then follow a path that contours to the right along the hillside. Follow the path past the farm, along a few trees. The path then turns sharp left at a stream gulley and heads up to the road. Go straight across the road, carry on and then turn left at the crossroads at a vehicle track. Carry on up hill then turn right at Weather Hill Lane. Follow this straight and then turn right at West Gate. The path then goes through a wood (crossing a stream) and then comes out along the side of a wood. When you hit the vehicle track turn left and continue downhill until you find a small path that cuts through the heather down Reynards Clough to Holme Styes Reservoir. At the reservoir, turn right and then immediately climb up Hades Clough (steep path.) Turn left at the junction with the main first road and follow this back to the main road. Turn right on the road and continue uphill and then down Linshaws Road and White Gates Lane until you can turn left down Ramsden Road. Follow the road back to complete the loop.

Please see event website for full race details.

Date: September 30, 2023

Venue: Holmbridge Church Hall

Directions: Please see for full directions.


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The Stairway to Heaven & Holme Valley Trail Half Marathon


A classic local race which mixes panoramic views, secret forest tracks and rocky descents.

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